Asus WX Lamborghini Wireless Mouse, a quicker way across your screen

by Gavril Mankoo

In collaboration with Lamborghini, one of the most renowned names in the world of amazingly fast street-legal-cars, Asus has come up with a host of computing devices, including external hard drives and laptops. To add to it all, Asus has recently unveiled the Asus WX Lamborghini Wireless Mouse, reminiscent of the sharp-edged styling of the Lambo. Give it a set of wheels and a high-performance engine, and this mouse could very well turn out to be a typical Lamborghini! And speaking about wheels, the mouse uses a scroll-wheel designed like a car tire. With a 33 feet range, the mouse also sports a USB dongle in its belly and sports the raging-bull Lambo logo on the top. With a price tag of $80, this seems to be a faster way to navigate around your screen!


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