ASUS WAVI Xtion Debuted at CeBIT 2011

by ruchi

Microsoft Kinect did create a quite a rage in the market. We have seen hackers exploring bizarre possibilities with this revolutionary gaming technology earlier. Asus now has joined the league with its WAVI Xtion motion sensing accessory for PCs. So unlike Kinect that is just for Xbox this one isn’t restricted just for ASUS machines. It consists of two parts i.e. the WAVI wireless media streaming device and the motion sensor and streams high definition media wirelessly from a PC located in one room to a TV in another room.

This device also packs the motion-sensing technology from PrimeSense with the exclusive ASUS Xtion Portal user interface that bestows the advantage of intuitive interaction with applications on its users. You will be able to connect this to your PCs and TVs via wireless HDMI i.e. the WHDI technology which ensures smooth transfer of HD content in 5GHz with a range of up to 25-meter. This was unveiled at CeBIT 2011 event but nothing was said about pricing and availability.

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