Asus Rolls Out Lamborghini External HDD With Lethal Curves and Steep Prices

by ruchi

Geeky Lamborghini fans are up for a treat for Asus has just added a sleek External Hard Drive with the Sportcar brand stamping. Inspired from the performance and style of supercars, this HDD comes in 500 GB or 750 GB flavors and has FlexSave software for easy file management that bestows upon the user merits of clean user interface with a capacity indicator bar, an energy-efficient idle mode and one-click auto backup functionality. Compatible with Windows OS, this 2.5-inch HDD comes with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface and has backward support for USB 2.0 as well. the storage size of 500/750 GB is bit of a disappointment as the industry standard right now is nothing less than 1 TB. Anyway, these will be available in color choice of black and white. As of now, Asus has dished out pricing information only for USB 2.0 versions which suggests US$119 tag for the 500 GB sibling and US$139 for 750GB. No word on how soon USB 3.0 versions will be hitting the market.

Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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