Asus ROG CG8565 gaming PC is quite shapely

by Gareth Mankoo

What many gaming rigs besides select few from Alienware really lack is good design. That’s where the all new Asus ROG CG8565 kicks in. To start off with, there’s a giant red ROG logo that glows when the monster machine is turned on. Then come the exhilarating performance, delivered by Intel Core i7 2600k quad-core processor that clocks an astonishing 4.2GHz, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 GPU and the impressive Asus Xonar DX 7.1 system. To finish it all off is the pairing of two 80GB SSDs and two 1TB hard drives.

I wonder who’s ever feel that the Asus ROG CG8565 is not enough for a top-level home gaming rig? Definitely, the price tag will make you snap out, of your dream of owning it.