ASUS offers four new perfumed laptops – Smell the ocean as you type away

by mohsin

ASUS has come with a new line of fragrant laptops that seem to be going one step ahead from its competitors who are so hell bent on offering different colored laptops. ASUS wants you to even get a unique fragrance with matching graphics, as you type away your emails or chat online. The range clearly is keeping the female users in mind by offering four special edition laptops. Floral Blossom is pink with a flowery smell; Musky Black sports graffiti art and emits an earthy musk; Morning Dew comes in pastel green and that early morning fragrance and Aqua Ocean for those of us who simply adore the sea.

All of these feature
-A 13.3-inch screen
-Intel Core2 Duo processor
-An integrated Webcam
-Up to 320GB of hard drive space
-Up to 4GB of DRAM support
-A fingerprint scanner for secure access
Prices are yet to be announced; although I keep wondering how long will the fragrances last? Will it just be for a few days or is there some kind of 100$ perfume refill costs involved every few weeks or so? Anyways, it’s for the women to decide since they are the more nasally gifted among us.

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