ASUS M70- First Terabyte Notebook PC

by yogesh

Need to have you entire movie collection on the go, all the while…I know carrying external drives can be a pain and risky as well. Enter ASUS M70 and voila…your troubles will be shooed away. This hunk will be the first terabyte notebook. Specs include dual 500 GB SATA drives in a single kit, a 1080p 17″ High-Def LCD screen, a Blu-ray drive, one HDMI port and four built-in Altec Lansing speakers.

Blog Wired has summed up the quick facts about the relative capacity of a terabyte in a cool way; we reproduce them for you here:
• A terabyte is the equivalent of the contents of books made from 50,000 trees.
• The books in the United States Library of Congress contain about 20 terabytes of text. (ed. Note: this one might be dated, there might be slightly more.)
• You could fit 1,000 copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica in a terabyte.
• The prefix tera originates from the Greek word teras, which means monster.

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