Astak Mole Webcam records and connects to YouTube and Twitter

by Gareth Mankoo

Astak Mole Webcam can prove to be a fantastic home surveillance system. It works quite efficiently when there’s no one around. Just when the thief feels that he’s safe from all security in your house he has no idea that he is being filmed by this innocent looking web camera, and his video is being uploaded on YouTube. You can sit back and control the pan and tilt of the camera remotely from your neighbor’s apartment using either a PC or an Internet ready phone, watching him jerk off to your collection of porn before he gets away. And when it gets a bit to gross you can simply dial 100 and show the cops the video grab.

Other features included in the Astak Mole Webcam include motion detection, night vision, two-way audio and in-built DVR. Fun! I know that there are a million nastier applications for such a smart camera.