Asahi working on the perfect beer dispensing robot, it takes 12 seconds per glass with Zero waste

by Shayne Rana

Ever get annoyed standing at a bar in a crowded club waiting for a pitiful glass of beer to drown your sorrows in? Let’s not kid ourselves; we’ve all had this problem at one time or another and more frequently for those who party harder than most. Well it just so happens that the people of Japan are just fed up of this waiting for a brewski and their largest brewery, Asahi, has developed the perfect tool for the overcrowded-bar-waiter… a robot beer dispenser. This little beer dispenser can be hooked up to a keg and will dish out up to six glasses of beer at a time without wastage. It takes roughly around 12 seconds per glass.

For owners in the hospitality industry, less wastage equals a better profit margin. This will of course reduce the need to hire bar-tenders who specialize in pulling beer and serving up that perfect chilled happiness in a glass minus the foam. Asahi’s beer is much faster too. Asahi’s prior attempt with their Tornado dispenser that’s already out in about 250 outlets in Japan does have a visual appeal and an entertainment factor but requires the use of specialized glasses. This one won’t. Unfortunately this new model won’t be making the club rounds for another two years.







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