As hot as it is cool, GE’s Café French refrigerator offers both

by Gareth Mankoo

GE are stepping on their innovative gear and bringing to life a brand new model that does more than just refrigerate. The Café French door models will come in with a the promise of both, cooling and heating. First in this line is the 29-cubic foot GE Café French. This beauty can head 10 ounces of water in minutes! All the user has to do is set a temperature between 90 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit, or select from among the pre-programmed settings, which include 90 degrees for warm, 150 degrees for cocoa, 170 degrees for tea, and 185 degrees for soup. This is better than using the classic stove. “It’s a total guessing game,” said Rob Lewis, lead design engineer for GE Appliances. “With the GE Café’s hot water dispenser, there’s confidence in getting an accurate temperature every time.”

It’s true when you think about it. Many people boil water for various purposes and preparations. It is only fitting that they have their cooling and heating done from the same source. “The custom setting is especially interesting for tea aficionados who can make the most of their tea experiences,” said Lewis. “Simply adjust the temperature to enhance the natural flavor of tea.” The 29-cubic foot GE Café French door model is available now.






[Via – Genewscenter]

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