Armani of bullet proof apparel to secure Indian politicians

by mohsin

Miguel Caballero, the famed Bulletproof Tailor of Bogota, has for years been designing high-end armored fashion ware for the world’s paranoid elite. Under the banner Discreet Inners it is marketing its specialty designer armor wear to Indian politicians at this year’s election rally. The company has been so secretive about its clients; many believe it is an urban legend. But in fact it exists on an unassuming city street in a low-rise white building in Bogota, Colombia. Well known as the Armani for Moving Targets, Caballero manufactures stylish armor-plated leather coats, suits, vests, sweaters, and even ties, for a clientele that extends far beyond Colombia’s borders – a full 80 per cent of their business comes from overseas orders.

The clothing line ranges from $4000 to $8000 for complete protection. The company contacts clients discreetly, assures 100% customer secrecy and does not do business online or at stores.

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