Arizona-based artist uses old motherboards for canvases

by Gavril Mankoo

Chuck those easels and canvases away. Here’s a better way to bring out your creative side with paints and brushes, using old motherboards for canvases instead. Striking and inspiring though, artist Joe Dragt based in Arizona has come up with a pretty clever and eco-friendly way to create his art, using old scrapped out motherboards for canvases that lend a hand when it comes to texturing and provide for a pretty interesting background to his designs. Dragt has given new life to about 30 old computers, using the motherboards for paintings, various parts for his sculptures and finally sending all the remaining plastic and metal to recycling plants, giving these old computers a 100% recycling treatment. Inspiring indeed, all we’ve got to do now is walk down to the junk store, pick up an old mother board, and set to paint!


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