Ariel and Motion Simulation’s TL1 Simulator leaves you short of space, cash and completely awe-struck

by Gavril Mankoo

Not many of us are privileged enough to live in homes big enough to accommodate a full-size simulator. For the lucky few however, Motion Simulation and Ariel, the company hailed for the conception of the breath-taking Ariel Atom, have come up with a fascinating and mind-boggling way to gaming. A simulator built specifically for driving games like Forza and Gran Turismo, the TL1 Simulator comes with three high-definition projectors for a complete realistic view of the track. Complete with the world’s first 180 degree spherical projector screen and variable driving position cockpit, the simulator caters to professional racers and home-bound gamers alike!

Also, this one’s compatible with the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 which left us smiling wide like toothless babies. However, what did make us cringe was the price-tag, a whopping $18,600, for approximately which we could pretty much pick up a used sports car and drive manically around our neighborhoods.


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