Arduino-powered robotic-bartender, the Inebriator, dishes out fantastically mixed cocktails

by Gavril Mankoo

Tired of the usually-charming bartender drawing all the attention from the women folk you’ve invited to your house party? Well, you could give him a skip and settle for a robotic-bartender, an equally charming though less masculine and a lot geekier. Called the Inebriator, this clever home-made robot uses an Arduino microcontroller and is programmed to mix 15 drinks with the recipes pre-programmed. Sporting a conveyor-belt-like set up that helps move the glass around and place it below each bottle dispenser for the ideal cocktail mix, the Inebriator is comparatively slower and a terrible conversationalist as compared to a living-bartender. The robot does however seem to be a perfect way to dish out drinks to your nerdy chums who’re bound to shower it with a load of affection and praise.


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