Arduboy multi-utility gaming console fits in your wallet

by Gareth Mankoo

It feels so snug to be here, nestled comfortably in the future I dreamed of as a kid. A dream that was largely comprised of fantasizing a Gameboy that was so small and slim, I could hide it behind my homework and smuggle it in and out of class. While the years have taken the wind out of that memory, this brilliant contraption by the intriguing Kevin Bates looks all set to make its home in the wallets of businessmen, the purses of fidgety teenage girls,  and may be, even a geek’s line of gaming consoles. Shaped and sized like a credit card, the compact device comes loaded with some of your favorite bit-games. It has six soft-touch tactile buttons for controls, 2-channel Piezo speakers, a durable build and is fully programmable with Arduino. An open platform with a USB connector is just what the doctor ordered for an endless inflow of innovations and updates. Other than gaming and controlling it also serves as a cool display-enabled business card and a learning platforms for budding programmers.

Arduboy_gameThe project has 23 days to go on Kickstarter and the pledging has already surpassed more than ten times the original goal of $25,000. Well, looks like I’ll have a cool, customized business card very soon.

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