Japan working to replace the Internet

by Dhiram Shah

Japanese communications minister Yoshihide Suga said Friday that Japan will start research and development on technology for a new generation of network that would replace the Internet, eyeing bringing the technology into commercial use in 2020. Speaking to reporters in Brazil, where he is visiting, Suga said an organization will be set up as early as this fall with cooperation from businesses, academia and government offices for promoting the technology when the Internet is seen to be faced with increasing constraints in achieving higher throughputs of data as well as ensuring data security. The envisaged network is expected to ensure faster and more reliable data transmission, and have more resilience against computer virus attacks and breakdowns. The ministry is hoping Japan will take a lead in development of post-Internet technology and setting global standards, a move that ministry officials believe would help make Japanese companies competitive in the global market for hardware and software using such technology.

Suga also said he will set up a task force early next month to oversee the transition from analog to digital broadcasting in July 2011. The task force will request the electronics industry to produce and sell low-price converters to enable analog TVs to receive digital broadcasting programs within two years, the minister said. ”We will consider providing simplified converters to low-income households for free or distributing coupons to assist them to purchase such converters,” he said.
Via – Kyodo news


  1. ebola


  2. tek-ops

    And look how hard that’s been to get put in place.
    Of course the logical solution is to develop an even more drastic overhaul… 😛

  3. Crankshaft

    Skylines, Super Mario Brothers, Tufo, and now… mohahahaha, neo internet! All your bases belong to us…

  4. problah

    I think what’s in question is not necessarily the OSI model, as much as it is the fat pipe model. Everybody wants more bandwidth, and even though IPv6 optimizes traffic (Consistent header sizes meaning routers don’t have to work as hard), that’s not a fast enough gain.
    Good luck. If it takes off, I’ll learn it, but IPv6, and constant bandwidth upgrades for the win. 0]

  5. frid

    So, basically they’re upgrading to Fiber-Optic cable, and increasing the bandwidth of backbones.

  6. Wing

    Just make all of the new celphones, ps3’s, and consoles work on the new network and you’re set… at least in Japan. Since celphones cycle out so quickly in Japan, thanks to their trendsetting ways, switching over to their new faster, more powerful, internet will be a breeze.
    Now ask me how well USA will fair… 🙁

  7. Mark

    Oh of course, why not start from scratch. HA!

  8. anonymous

    Yah. Sure. And the Japanese had this mainframe project called TRON in the 1980s that was supposed to kick everyone’s asx too, and where the hell did that clusterfrack go. Stick to disk drives and cars you Tokyo tough guys. Or at least make a successful microprocessor, jet fighter, jumbo jet before you claim you’re big shot engineering is going to take over the universe.

  9. nik

    i dont think they are referring to IPv6… and i really hope they are not… I hope they come up with a totally new architecture… high time we shifted away from IP..

  10. RG

    I for one am curious as to what this new network infrastructure will be? From the article it seems that it will be something new, I know I didn’t read “fiber-lines” because that is old news.
    This article seems to be full of hype with no real details.

  11. Ganesh

    Incrediable, will they form new communication software architecture for current equipments such as routher, firewall,,,, etc..

  12. meji

    this kind of technology should not developed by one party…
    it should develop together by 2 or more country so that there is no conflict while the technology is in the making..
    im a bit curios if japan alone will set us a standard for internet…
    at least make US or any europe country to join them and develop the technology together and ensure the balance standard for all of us…

  13. With Justice

    I m surprised and shocked with the comments of
    “anonymous on August 21, 2007 1:46 AM ” and
    “Crankshaft with words( All your bases belong to us…)”. Why are yo afraid and jaleous?
    If you say “All your bases belong to us” then dont forget that “All Your bases belong to Muslims”.have you forgotten the age”600 to 1600″.
    All progress was due to Muslims.then you burnt the books of Muslims and republished with your names.ahh! Shameful. Where were your scientists between 600—1600. all Prgoress was due to Muslims. and now you have reached at this stage due to the advents of Muslims.
    So please dont be jealous of Japanese because they are hardworking and if they have some aim please Pray for them that they become successful.
    I will pray for them.
    Dont Hate anyone.

  14. mailsamd

    i have been told by an insider that it will be based on pigeons flying with bits of paper that look like this “101010101010010” between people

  15. Alpha

    Cable less internet ? Raise the antenna and caputure internet signals …

  16. Pinoy_Ako

    cut the hype and tell us how your going to do this new internet!

  17. The XO

    Ooooh look at everyone getting defensive of their own countries and the “arm chair experts” coming out with their opinions.
    The fact of the matter is the existing infrastructure, protocols and networks were designed using technology from the 70’s and things have been piled on and on. Truthfully it does need a *total* over-haul. New infrastructure, networks and protocols.
    If you want to argue with that – then go ahead, but the equivalent is upgrading a WW1 bi-plane. Only so much can be done on the existing setup.
    No one said it would be easy, but it’s something that needs to be done. We can’t keep applying band-aids to our current network.
    Lastly… does it really matter who starts the ball rolling? I mean really, get a life! The purpose of the internet, and you, is to serve humanity. So stop the “my country is better than yours” nonsense and start working together for the good of man kind.

  18. dre

    The new Internet will probably have it’s own government-like management and policies. If so we’ll eventually end up with the Internet as the under-dog and pron, while the New Internet would be the white and shining with moral supremacy and controlled information. — Imagine if someone want to host a new site and the site happens to violate IxNET Moral Act #6656 of 2013 sections 2,5,7a,7c,39,45 and 70, he’ll probably retaliate and form a anti-IxNET organization and within a year start the first Internet World War I. The possibilities are endless – Like in Die Hard 4.0 the greatest enemy of such a global technological architecture would be the pissed off super-smart quiet unemployed 20-year old hacking in his basement.
    I can’t wait for the TNewInternet *iNet = new TNewInternet();

  19. samih

    Although this article is not real right now, but let them try and we will see..

  20. NetGeek

    All your base are belong to us!

  21. prashant

    Very Curious want will be their implementation plan.Need to wait till 2020.
    Anyhow innovation is always encouraged.

  22. seankubin

    Google will beat them to the punch..

  23. sureshkumar

    I’m sure that Japanese will break the “INTERNET” and
    gives a new version over the internet become very useful and effective………….

  24. IMHO

    I think they can still use IP, the faster part can be some sort of change in infrastructure. I’m sure that 10 years ago if someone was to say that you will get T-1 speeds at home for a fraction of the cost, you would say that person is on crack. But yes, we have that now with DSL and cable, which still uses IP.

  25. js

    The folks who want to discount this Japanese effort are fools. The things Japan does, they do well. If they decide to come up with a new technology, I’m sure they have the resources to do it. I don’t personally know of any Japanese uber processors, jet fighters or jumbo jets, but so what? Those devices are not network components, per se, and have no relevance for this bit of engineering. You need to realize that America is not the only country that wants to dominate the world.

  26. AM

    I’m hip to that… I’m all for new technologies, but I am curious as to what media will be used for data transfer. Cell phones do fairly well with satellite comm. Air doesn’t break, maybe that’s what they’ll use.

  27. MB

    No one said they were referring to IPv6. It was a joke about how IPv6 has been in the works for so long so why not try and take the whole internet back to formula. And no matter what you call it, networks require some kind of virtual addressing system, and there are only so many options.

  28. alpham777

    yeah thats what i saw i read nothing of fiber optic thats old stuff it’s called T1 we have had it for a while now watch it just become some hopped up version of net neutrality what ever it is it has to be faster than T1 or T3 for it to have any impact so it’s probly just hype they should invest all of that money to making the skyline even better

  29. BH

    The article is not so much hype as it is politician-speak. Empty blather about how one politician is going to pander to an influential constituency group. I can practically hear the government handouts flowing and the Japanese tech sector stocks rising.

  30. Christiano

    IPv6 is being used right now, it has to be other thing like a new storage method, a new compressed data format and perhaps a data access control, I mean some code in the data which is in the net with some encrypted password to avoid the viruses and junk data.

  31. Eric E

    “…faster and more reliable data transmission, and have more resilience against computer virus attacks and breakdowns.” OK, but how about spam?

  32. rupert

    Their motivation is to create a “NEW” technology, and lobby for a different business model, and free themselves from the flat model, and serve products rather then people.

  33. AS

    That’s kind of the point. It’s nothing but hype for now. 10-15 years ago if they had said they planned on redoing the world in 13 years, I would have laughed.

  34. CPF_

    Sounds nice… Will that be nice too? And how will adoption be?
    I think it’s more of an utopia, but than again, people of 50 years ago wouldn’t have believed it if I told them we would be able to communicate in seconds with the other side of the world. So, let’s see 🙂

  35. JP

    First of all home users typically under utilize the bandwidth they are alleged to have from their ISP. Secondly, some business do need large bandwidth which can be purchased. However, seems that people are overlooking an obstacle to high performance. Seems like the internet or any form of internet could be fast as all get out but if the hard drives can’t keep up with this new found speed there is still going to be limitations. Maybe they should tackle this since they are already in the hard drive manufacturing business.

  36. NakamuraSaTV

    You gotta be kidding me! that means changing the entire world! ow, will my ps3 still work then?

  37. TechieDude

    Well and here in the UK they cant even launch a working network of analogue cables of copper to run a simple ADSL line. Was recently offline for 30+ days because of mismanaged monopolized networking with outsourced pipes.
    the UK will be abl to do digital lines in the inner city of London by 2010 or at least start laying the pipes for the Olympics.
    Forget about the internet. Those who need it for business are willing to pay GBP130,000 a year for fibre 1GigE, those who cant, tough luck.
    With this policy, the UK will go off line in 2020 then huh?

  38. kento

    This gonna be amazing when it’s comes to Japan tech!

  39. MDude

    Maybe they’re actualy just announcing this so people will talk about how someone might replace the internet on tech blogs, then steal all the good ideas when they actualy start planning.
    Even if it doubles, triples, of even octuples my access speed, though, I won’t wan’t it to completly replace the current internet (as in making the previous internet difficult to impossible to access, or even shutting it down) unless I’m absolutley sure it won’t use censorship or other means of controling content. Internet neutrality beats high definition media streaaming any day as far as I’m concerned.

  40. Sven Mogul

    Sure, this will be ‘New Technology’ like the ‘NT’ in Windoze NT. In that timeline they might actually be the only ones left with any innovative power though. I cant see handing out firmware upgrades to every router on the planet at once unless the whole thing was collapsing of its own weight as constantly predicted. Remember this was coming from a minister and not an engineer, engineers have a way of shrugging their shoulders at this kind of thing and keep on keepin on. Can anyone say ‘Migration Path’?

  41. Dope

    By the time they created thier new network infra the old one will be updated twice faster than thier newer network infrastructure!

  42. zhia

    Are they out of options of using the internet to their needs? Anyhow its great of thinking for something different. World seems to be happy to be learning and using internet, and they went far enough to change it.

  43. XPMaster

    Exactly. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  44. Julian

    What a load of cack.

  45. kuljeet

    yahh there is urgent need of such technology that gives us relief from cable and congention also we needed soeedy data flow.
    best of luck to we all working and waiting for this technology.

  46. nice person to even bother

    With Justice:
    That person was referring to an internet meme that has now become an internet joke:
    ‘All your bases now belobg to us’
    Google that and watch the video.

  47. Um...

    Yeah, please don’t take that personal… If you do, then the technology will never evolve… In fact, that’s what happened to G.W.Bush… So let’s just take a good look at the tech matter itself, regardless about the goverment at this point… Nevertheless, we ought to know that we have way too many users/population here to take on the effect or make changes… It probably would take more time and work to do something about.

  48. Narayana

    It’s good if a technology like this come into..not very much confident on this but, still all the very best..

  49. Arun

    hi boys,
    Already india is testing these stuffs in defence R&D.India is planning to expose this on 2009.We can expect the replacement of internet from india.

  50. StoopidAmericans

    Stupid Americans. Always the same sh*t…
    Asia is evil, America is good…
    Open your eyes and look what’s happening outside your country!
    Why not start anything from scratch? Even computers and OS/s could use a new completely different approace based on security. When those pionners where developing the arpanet, they did’nt think about stupid ash*les spamming all the net, or sending viruses and spywares.
    Building something new can be revolutionary or a failure, but nagging and commenting like those American anti-asian messages above, is just redicoulous and gives the world another opinion about American’s way of thinking… Be serious!

  51. cyber nut

    So exactly what have the Japanese developed in their history? buy a mitsibishi car and pat the people on the backs that buil the engine for the zeros that attacked pearl harbor.
    I’m still trying to figure what they have ever invented? Now stealing technology, they are great at.


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