Apple’s new MacBook Pros are out, bit pricey though with few upgrades having their own price tag

by Shayne Rana

After the thrill of the iPad is slowly subsiding it’s time for the hardcore laptop fans to have their fun. With that on mind Apple has launched their latest series of MacBook Pros. Two models are available – one’s equipped with a 15-inch display and the other is larger with at 17-inch. These models will be running on Intel’s Core i5 and i7 processors and the poor old 13-inch model will have to stick to its Core2Duo. Other than the new processors other goodies included with the higher end models are – 4GB of RAM (expandable to 8GB), NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 330M discrete graphics, a new, proprietary system to swap between discrete and integrated graphics as well as improved batteries. The 13-inch MBP includes a custom-made NVIDIA 320M GPU.

15-inch model now has three display options, a 1440-by-900-pixel LED-backlit glossy display, a “high-resolution” 1680-by-1050 glossy ($100 upgrade) or an “antiglare high-resolution” display ($150 upgade). The MBP 17 comes with the high resolution screen stock and can be upgraded to antiglare for $50. The pricing is as follows, the 15-inch model is priced at $1800 and the 17-inch will set you back $2,300. The 13-inch model’s price remains unchanged at $1500.