Apple’s iPad replacing conventional paper owner’s manual in upcoming Hyundai Equus, that’s an Equus-cellent notion

by Shayne Rana

Hyundai’s has decided that the their next latest luxury sedan, the Equus is going to do for owners what no other luxury car has done before… break out the drum roll, they’re going eco friendly by doing away with the old fashioned paper manuals and going with Apple’s soon to be coming, already sold out, iPad. How cool is that. In addition to your fancy new car you’ll get a fancy new internet tablet as well. The wireless services the iPad offers will allow users to make vehicle service appointments OTA. And of course we’ll have to expect a docking port for more than just media. Sounds like Hyundai’s got a great marketing gimmick here. For a car that’s worth about $50 or $60K, one would expect the gimmick to be somewhere in this vicinity.

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