Apple’s apple-of-the-eye, Siri, hacked into; made to run on multiple smartphones besides iPhones!

by Gavril Mankoo

Well, if you’ve just purchased an iPhone 4S and showing off your Siri-enabled device to your Android buddies has been your favorite pastime lately, you can now wipe that smug expression off your face. The folks at Applidium have managed to crack Siri and have the feature run on just about any smartphone! Siri uses a TCP to speak to a server at with port 443. All Applidium did was use a desktop PC to enter the IP address, create a fake address ( is essentially the server name that Apple returned on entering the IP address), and managed to have Siri send commands on the fake server. And that’s not all. The hackers also released a bunch of tools you could use to create your own Siri-based application for your smartphone, so long as you’re endowed with a bit of coding know-how.