Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro packs Retina Display

by Gareth Mankoo

Apple has introduced a thinner 13-inch MacBook Pro that dazzles the eye. In the bevy of releases, we believe that the MacBook Pro did make the most significant change in its physique, by omitting the optical drive, while still looking a lot like its predecessor. The omission did result in the thinness of the drive. On its side one can find new ports of quicker transmission and communication, including two Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports. The Retina Display however hogs the entire spotlight with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. It also handles resolutions of the previous 15-inch version.

The new MacBook Pro totally lives up to the expectations of digital artists and the likes with processing powers unrivalled. Multi-utility also enables better graphics that now please the eye with the all new Retina Display. A sure win for Apple and fanboys.

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