Apple ZipCheck used in select Old Navy stores ensures you check out PDQ without waiting in line

by Shayne Rana

Looking to avoid theholiday rush and long checkout lines in stores? Well if you happen to be shopping at Old Navy (select stores only) the you’re in luck as they’ve got Apple iPod Touch’s to help check you out in a jiffy. It seems they’re testing out a new EasyPay point-of-sale type system (like what they have in their own retail outlets) that Apple’s no callings ZipCheck, with iPods, around the store to minimize long queues in check out lines. Employees of Old Navy will simply need your credit card and using the device via wireless connectivity, can have your bill ready on the fly from wireless printers placed around the store and you’ll be done in no time. No more long lines. Wish they had the same thing down at Wall Marts.