Apple set to release new ‘chameleon’ Macs, iPods that dynamically change color?

by Dhiram Shah

In December 2002, Apple had applied for a new United States Patent, number 20020190975, for a “computing device with dynamic ornamental appearance.” From Apple’s filing: “The invention pertains to electronic devices capable of dynamically changing their ornamental or decorative appearance, i.e., the outer appearance as seen by a user. The electronic devices generally include an illuminable housing. The illuminable housing, which includes at least one wall configured for the passage of light, is configured to enclose, cover and protect a light arrangement as well as functional components of the electronic device. The light arrangement, which generally includes one or more light sources, is configured to produce light for transmission through the light passing wall(s) of the illuminable housing. The transmitted light illuminates the wall(s) thus giving the wall a new appearance.

In August 2004, The Register’s Tony Smith reported that Apple been granted the patent for the concept of the chameleonic device – a machine whose shell changes color at the user’s and/or the computer software’s whim.
Via Macdailynews

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