Apple Remote app 2.0 supports Apple TV, iPad

by Gareth Mankoo

Apple have released a newer version of the Remote app that will be know as, ‘Remote app 2.0’ (trumpets sound!). Well, with all the elaboration comes the good news that this one extends support to the Apple TV and the iPad. It extends cross-operability even to iTunes on OS X. The screen of the Remote app 2.0 acts as the trackpad-like screen that’s scene in the ATV remote control. It has also undergone certain amount of customization so as to make it compatible with the retina display on the latest iPhone rendition as well as for the screen adaptation of the iPad.

You can enjoy a laid-back Sunday afternoon with this cool Remote app near your being. Control your shared music libraries remotely and sip on that chilled glass of beer. And oh, as of when this was written, the App is free.

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