Apple recycling program comes to UK, France and Germany

by ruchi

Appleā€™s green quotient is touching new heights with its recently announced recycling program for iPads and iPhones in the UK, France, and Germany. The program allows owners to send their older-model iOS devices to Apple and receive an Apple gift card for the remaining value of the device. This gift card scheme is for the US folks whereas for those in Germany, France and UK, customers will get a direct deposit into their bank accounts for the value.

Apple takes care of everything in US where users have to simply fill out an online form describing their device and Apple will send you the proper shipping materials to send your products back to Apple’s subcontractor, PowerON. The subcontractor is given the task of estimating a fair value for the device and issuing a gift card for the same. Elsewhere, local subcontractors will be doing the same job. If you happen to recycle one of your gadgets using this program do tip us about the experience.

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