Apple opens free iPhone Developer University Program

by mohsin

At present, the Apple NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) prevents iPhone developers from discussing the technical ins and outs of programming for the iPhone, even with other application developers who are also bound by the NDA. Apple is seeking fresh talent among University students to expand the availability of innovative applications for its iPhone and iPod touch devices. According to Apple, the iPhone Developer University Program is a free program designed for higher education institutions looking to introduce curriculum for developing iPhone or iPod touch applications. The program is currently available to accredited higher education institutions in the United States. University professors are encouraged to create a team of up to 200 students who would dedicate their time working on one or multiple projects. Using Apple Xcode’s graphical debugger, students can collect real-time performance data in the Instruments’ timeline view, as well as test, debug and optimize their apps. Now, Apple allows Universities to submit applications for distribution in the App Store.

Apple does offer a $299 Enterprise Development program for corporations over 500 people that wish to develop their own in-house applications. A standard developer program costs $99 if you want to test applications on a device, but the university program is free and confers the same benefits.

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