Apple Macbook remote control selling for a whopping milllion dollars

by Dhiram Shah

Here is the SiK rex a simple six button remote control which works with MacBook Pro, iPod Universal Dock, Apple TV, Front Row and the iPod Hi-Fi. The remote can be stored in the ExpressCard/34 slot of your MacBook Pro and can perform functions like Play, Pause, Stop, Rew, FF, etc for media playback. Guess the price of this baby, a mind boggling 1 million dollars. If you are wondering it is not encrusted by diamonds nor does buying it does not earn you a dinner with Steve Jobs.

A commentor on Amazon says
only $999,999.00 1/2 ounce plastic remote control!?!! what a deal. If Bill Gates is reading this…. hurry dude, there is only one left in stock!