Apple is world’s biggest tech company, farewell MS

by Gareth Mankoo

Microsoft and its employees (fans included) may not really have a good time reading this headline but well, the one’s in the Apple camp are totally rejoicing. The shares of the company rose by 1pc, thus taking the market value to $222 billion on Wednesday. This easily surpassed Microsoft (with market value of $219 billion) as the biggest technology company in the world. It is quite amazing how a company that almost went down in the 90’s has risen to give some takes a real push ahead. In fact we have a cool bunch of iPhone and iPod fanatics who can pledge their lives in allegiance to it.

With the iPad in town it seems like the figures are surely going to rise on and forth. Steve Jobs is that man and well, we’re soon going to be seeing him in marble and wax statues all over the bloody place.