Apple Ipod in pure 24 Carat Gold – as precious as your music

by Dhiram Shah

Wealthy music buffs looking to splash their ready money needn’t look further. Take a look at the glossy Apple Ipod in authentic 24carat Gold. Yeah baby, it’s a glittering gold version of your beloved iPod. For a change it’ll be real unique hardened mirror gold and not just slick shimmer-effect paint. If you’re gold-mad then it’s worth checking out……cause you don’t have to worry about the features. Available as Ipod, Nano or Ipod video (80GB or 30GB) with a black or white front, you can order one according to your tastes. Gaudy images and price-tags too after the jump……..

80GB Video Black Front for £399 ($800), 80GB Video White Front for £399 ($800), 30GB Video Black Front for £299 ($600), 30GB Video White Front for £299 ($600).
Via – Luxurylaunches

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