Apple iPhone v 2 to debut at Macworld San Francisco?

by Dhiram Shah

The iPhone has not yet hit the stores and insiders are reporting that Apple is already in talks with its manufacturing partners in Taiwan for the next generation iPhone. Among the new capabilities will be GPS and expanded WiFi capability as well as the ability to sync with email servers. I really hope the next gen iPhone will features a better camera at least a 7 Megapixel, as it will be standard by 2008 that is when the next gen iPhone will debut at Macword 2008 in San Francisco as the insiders are speculating.

When asked if the iPhone is the most important in the history of consumer electronics, Ron Garriques, president/CEO of Dell Global Consumer Group replied “If you can reset in the consumers’ minds that cell phones can be priced at $499 to $699, instead of the thinking that it is just $1, that’s good.” He echoed the view of his colleagues that “the marketing and hype surrounding iPhone is good,” and said that even if iPhone isn’t all that it is supposed to be “you know that they are working on iPhone2, iPhone3 and 4 versions.”

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