Apple and Verizon in serious talks for 2010 Apple iPhone

by anoop

It is claimed that Verizon is in talks with Apple for having its own version of the Apple iPhone in 2010. Other than the target date, there is not much information but there are rumors that the phone could be a CDMA device that is compatible with Verizon’s existing network and therefore would be using EVDO for 3G internet access. With such a move, it could give the phone a broad coverage. But there is also criticism that 3G is now a dying technology with no future and that CDMA carriers plan to phase out the calling technology in favor of the same 4G standard that will be used on GSM networks.

Verizon plans to officially launch its commercial 4G network in early 2010 and would therefore want to have at least some of its network ready for an iPhone by the time AT&T’s exclusivity ends which is expected around the same year. But the competitions and discussions are fierce and anything could happen like Verizon may have its own iPhone, AT&T may topple those ambitions and also maybe pushing Apple to extend exclusivity till 2011 which would be enough to stall Verizon’s deal until AT&T’s own 4G network is ready. Well all I hope is that whatever happens happens in the best interest of the customers.

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