Apple Watch will control your Tesla in one touch

by Gareth Mankoo

While the Apple Watch is in as many wishlists as you can imagine, the apps that could decorate its arrival are already being cooked up. Tesla cars have never shrugged off an innovative bite and with that in mind, there’s ample opportunity for Apple users, who plan to invest in the watch, to take advantage of this cool Tesla app. Developed by Eleks, the Tesla app enables users to monitor their vehicles remotely as well as toggle some cool functions such as turning the headlights on, sounding the horn and even locking/unlocking the doors. As if that wasn’t enough, the app also allows users to open or close the sunroof, check the charge and temperature of the vehicles system and the mileage as well.

“Although the opportunities seem pretty huge with Apple Watch, unfortunately, the current capabilities of the emulator-only development don’t match the expectations set after the keynote,” says an excerpt from Elek Labs’ blog post. “We can now confidently say that creating anything really necessary and fully functional for Apple Watch with the current SDK version is very, very difficult, and many of the things promised at launch that were perfect for some business ideas are not at all available yet. The only thing left for the developers is to wait for spring 2015 when a new version of WatchKit will be released and Apple Watch will finally start selling.”