Is the Apple Watch a technological marvel or a mindless accessory? We take a peek!

by Gavril Mankoo

Now that Apple has finally put to rest all the whispers that have been surrounding its much anticipated device, the Apple Watch, the technology giant is looking forward to climb onto the shoulders of every smart watch around and catch the attention of the world. As for us, we still can’t decide if we love this piece of technology or not. For one, the best of us still aren’t too comfortable with wearable technology, particularly when we’ve already got a smartphone that tells us nearly all we need to know. That won’t stop us from further scrutinizing the Apple Watch though.

When looked at closely, Apple has created this device in way that’ll enable it to blend into just about any surrounding and ensemble, be it your raggedy gym clothes or a tuxedo. While the Watch may not be a complete piece of eye-candy, this device does have its pros. Using a body made from 316L stainless steel, the Apple Watch promises to keep you updated with all that’s happening on your social and email accounts, using a brilliant scratch-resistant sapphire crystal screen with a Retina display. However, the fact that this one’s tethered to the iPhone and will not function with anything below the iPhone 5 makes us question its practicality. For now, we’ll just slip on our Breitlings before stepping out in style.