Apple Watch receives Volkswagen Car-Net app

by Gareth Mankoo

Joining the BMW and Porsche bandwagon is Volkswagen and its cool new Car-Net app for the Apple Phone. With this, users will have complete control of all basic functions of their vehicle, with just a few button presses on their wrist. The functions that can be remotely controlled include the locking and unlocking of doors, checking if the doors and windows are all closed, honking remotely and locating where your car is parked, easily. Volkswagen with all their safety credentials were bound to not settle on just these. They have added another feature that updates bracelet that those with restraining orders have to sport around. We pity the children for it.

apple-watch-receives-volkswagen-car-net-app-1Other features of the app will be controlling the internal climate of the cockpit as well as checking up on fuel levels. The Car-Net app will be compatible with the Beetle, CC, Eos, Jetta, Passat and Tiguan models manufactured in the 2014 batch and thereafter. It is up for free download on iTunes.


[Source – Freshnessmag]

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