Apple rejects the Send Me To Heaven game to keep users from damaging their iPhones

by Gavril Mankoo

Most of us treat our smartphones with care and consider them to be life support systems. The makers of this game however don’t. Carrot Pop recently unveiled the game called Send Me To Heaven that literally encourages you to toss your phone up in the air and, hopefully, catch it too. The game measures the altitude to which the phone is thrown. The higher you toss your phone, the more you score. Now while the folks at Google think this game to be a great addition to the Google Play store, Apple has rejected it, terming it to be a dangerous sport “encouraging behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device.”

Well, that’s true, but we don’t see why anyone downloading a game like this would really care about the condition of his or her phone. We haven’t tried the game yet, since we love our smartphones dearly and wouldn’t want to watch them “drop out of heaven.” Visit Google’s Play store today and download the game if you wish to give your smartphone a sporty goodbye.

[Via – Kotaku]

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