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Apple makes Microsoft nervous with the launch of the 128GB iPad

by Gavril Mankoo

Apple decided to give Microsoft a serious run for all its worth and recently unveiled the clutter-breaking 128GB iPad, a stiff competition for Microsoft’s Surface Pro. This one measures in at a mighty 9.7-inches and sports a Retina Display crafted to wow. What sets it slightly behind the Surface Pro is the fact that the latter is a full-fledged computer with an Intel Core i5 processor.

So what keeps the Apple iPad ahead? Well, as always, this device will bring to the forefront new ways of getting things done and will attract the company’s massive fan base. Apart from that, the 128GB memory option and improved battery life is an icing on a seemingly delicious cake. To make the war a little more interesting, the new Apple will hit store shelves ahead of Microsoft’s launch of its brainchild, the Surface Pro.


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  1. Nah. I’m still with the Surface Pro. Don’t compare a tablet sized laptop and a tablet.

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