Apple launches cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C to offset falling demand

by Sayan Chakravarty

Apple has never divulged the official sales numbers of the iPhone 5C, but it’s a known fact that the smartphone never performed as good as its more premium sibling, the iPhone 5S. Rather, the shutting down of the assembly lines in China for the 5C gives us a fare idea of the lack in demand. To woo the customers, the company has launched a cheaper version of the device which has only 8GB of internal storage and gone up for sale in Europe, Australia and China. The 8GB iPhone 5C first appeared on the website of UK carrier O2 and then has made its way to other European stores and China. The device is exactly the same as the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 5C except for the smaller internal memory.

Initially it was rumored that the cheaper iPhone 5C is being launched to replace the 4S, but the later is still on sale and the 8GB 5C has not made its way to the United States. Apple has added the new model to its online stores, pricing unlocked models at £429 ($714) which is £40 ($67) cheaper than the 16GB iPhone 5C. Looking at the slack in demand and this latest move, it will be interesting to see what Apple decides for the model before the WWDC scheduled for somewhere in June this year.