Applause machine that claps even when your jokes go south

by mohsin

When conducting a presentation the applause in the end says a lot about how well you performed. However, it’s no surprise when the boss isn’t pleased or does not clap that there won’t be many takers to what you have to say. Sometimes all it takes is just one person who starts a clap and the rest just follow it up into a huge applause like sheep. So, if you have few supporters that can manage to push a button for you, then perhaps this applause machine could do the trick of making an impression. The Applause Machine from Laikingland, is a kinetic sculpture that measures about 18 inches high and with the help of a motor manages to clap for you with the push of a button.

The Applause Machine will set you back by a desperate $302, it is made of powder-coated steel, brass, plastic, and walnut, runs on two AAA batteries .You can choose from among five colors–red, green, orange, black, and white; the collective will manufacture 250 machines in each color.

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