AOL set to re-invent email with Project Phoenix, due out in Early 2011

by Shayne Rana is going to get an all new email client that they’ve codenamed Project Phoenix. Seems like an apt name, rising out of the ashes. The word is that it’s going to be an innovative and intuitive email solution that should bring AOL out of the gloom back into the mainstream. They’re working to incorporate a streamlined design with other features that include – a quick bar for easy access to sending emails, IMs to chats or social networks and even text messages, Smart View that showcases maps, attached photos and files etc. in an organized fashion for easy viewing. There’s also Email aggregation, Single-click search and free access to premium service.

In addition AOL also plans on give consumers the opportunity to get the email address of your choice by offering more options for name structures and new domains like, and Project Phoenix will be out early in 2011 but no fixed date has been mentioned but interested users can sign up to request an invitation to the beta today at

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