AOC V500 Portable Media Player

by Dhiram Shah

The V500 is beautiful and smart as well. It has a 2.4 inch QVGA display screen. The device comes with USB 2.0 connectivity so that the exodus of media can be facilitated from your PC to your player. It supports file formats including MP3, WMA and WAV and also MPEG4 and AVI. It’s also capable of reading JPEG images. As far as memory capacities are concerned, the player comes with storage ranging from 128MB to 2GB. Now enjoying movies and songs of your choice is just a few push buttons away. The feature that AOC brag about the most is its slimness. The thickness measures up to a mere 9.8mm (guess they squeezed in as much as possible to fit in under a centimeter).

No news on the pricing as yet, but we shall soon hear about it.