Anti-photo shield on a giant yacht shows Roman Abrahamovic’s need for privacy

by Gareth Mankoo

More than all the fame he gained after acquiring Chelsea FC, Roman Abrahamovic still feels that there is something that doesn’t really match his kind of a billionaire, and that’s paparazzi. Well, it has been the greatest nemesis for most of the world’s famous people and Roman is making sure that it doesn’t catch up to him. Hence he used his head (and funds) to erect a shield that fires out laser to repel any photographs that may be taken of his mighty 557- foot ‘yacht’. The laser detects CCDs and treats them with enough malice to keep nosy journalists away.

The man’s rich beyond doubt. So maybe he did give a second thought to the penalty he would have to pay should a camera be destroyed even though it wasn’t targeting his ark.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]