Another Apple Prototype device leaks to Vietnam, this time it’s an iPod Touch with a camera

by Shayne Rana

Seems like Apple just can’t seem to keep things under wraps anymore. First an employee leaves an iPhone 4G at a bar then a Vietnamese Businessman sneaks another proto out to Vietnam and now it seems like the next gen iPod Touch has also leaked it’s way to Vietnam. While the device looks quite authentic and as the video will show you, it seven seems to easily hook up to iTunes, however the seriously odd looking UI has me baffled. But I’m deviating, what’s a highlight with this here device is fact that it’s got a camera. There’s no word on the pixel count but for right now we don’t care. It also seems according to the same post, that a 64GB version is also a possibility. But is this the real deal? That’s the million dollar question.

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