Another Android HDTV makes the scene, seems like this one won’t make it to the US though

by Shayne Rana

The guys at are absolutely 100% spot on, the reason why open source projects liek Android are a definite benefit is because they can be applied to a multitude of devices to perform all kinds of tasks. From mobile handsets to Tablet PCs and even Televisions, that little robot has gotten his green hands all over. Another Android (v1.5 this time) powered TV of the LED variety that’s been designed by Korean company NCPG has made the news. This one’s loaded with an ARM processor running at 833MHz Cortex 8A and features HDMI (naturally), and supports ATSC / DVB-T / DVB-C / DVB-T HD Analog. Other connectivity features. USB, S-Video port, D-Sub, DVI, and Component connectors, the whole nine yards. It’ll be available in three sizes viz. 42-inch, 55-inchand 47-inch and will hit 10 different countries including in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Australia, and Dubai. The US isn’t on that list, but it’s not like they don’t have enough of cool stuff as it is.

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