Anime-Themed Workstation is Nothing New

by iona

For some reason, by putting a few anime figures and spotlights onto a cheap IKEA desk, Aiko from Shanghai is making the news. Isn’t it common sense to decorate your room and workspace with things you like? Maybe not in Chinese techie circles. Amongst the clutter of plastic dolls and angled lighting, anime-addict Aiko’s workstation is home to dual screens, a laptop, MS Arc mouse and PS3. On comparing Aiko’s set-up to Malaysian Zam’s (aka Gixxer) however, it pales in comparison. Gixxer has three screens, more than 11 anime figures, including a life-sized one he dresses up for the festive season, a collection of pro yo-yos and anime posters adorning all walls. Now that is serious anime dedication. Aiko, you need to try harder.

If you think your workstation rivals that of Aiko and Gixxer, please post links to photos of your desk top below. No prizes, though. Sorry.

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