Angel Kitty USB keyboard for the naughty geeky lover

by Dhiram Shah

After the USB powered shirt here is something naughty, a maid’s costume with a functional USB keyboard wrapped around the chest region. The 85 key keyboard is bendable and made of silicon to give you the right feeling and avoid damage to your girlfriend. The keyboard is detachable and safe for those suffering from tendovaginitis (A hand movement disorder). The keyboard is compatible with Windows only sorry Mac users. The Angel Kitty USB Keyboard is made to order and available in a variety of bust sizes.

The Angel Kitty USB keyboard is available in Japan for 15,750 Yen ($ 140)
Via – Angel Kitty (Japanese)


  1. mohsin

    its really coooool

  2. 435

    That doesn’t look very ergonomic.

  3. Opus

    How’s the girl supposed to type upside down?

  4. Bosebugq

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