Angel Car a Mobile Charging Station Wings its Way to Your Rescue

by iona

Angel Car sounds like some super cute invention for Japanese teens and looks like something Shrek might drive in. What it really is, is an electronic car charging station. The Swiss company Nation-E has launched Angel Car in an attempt to minimize the possibility of your electric wagon running out of power in between regular charging stations. Angel Car is located in the back of a wing-bedecked mean-green van. It is equipped with an on-board 230V charger, capable of recharging a standard EV in roughly 15 minutes with 2-3 kWh, just about enough charge to take you another 30 km (18.6 miles), or to a standard charging station.

Angel Car is decorated with little wings that I guess represent its angelic qualities in coming to your rescue. I would rather it had been some crazy pink, feather-winged creation for girlies in Japan.