Androids replace stationery mannequins in Tokyo Stores

by ruchi

If you have been closely following humanoid developments in Japan, then the Geminoid F will surely ring bells. She first appeared on stage alongside a human actress for the first time in a play called ‘Sayonara,’ or ‘Goodbye.’ The Android has now found a new job for itself- Replacing stationery mannequins in stores across Tokyo in an effort to grab the attention of passing shoppers. The robotic mannequin looks extremely lifelike and sits in the department store’s window smiling, nodding and shuffling about a bit in her chair.

Owing to a special software she can even interact with her surroundings, emitting the occasional yawn as she waits for a shopper to come close and gawp at her. The creation is capable of more than 60 different facial expressions, and can convey various emotional states too. Well the Japanese folks weren’t caught by suprise with the whole thing with robotics might just come off as very normal to them but it would surely made jump out of my skin.