Android Honeycomb to shortly add Flash support

by Gareth Mankoo

The Motorola Xoom is almost upon us with Honeycomb operating system, introduced for the first time on a device of this form. Tablets till now have been catching up on phone operating systems, and soon. Adobe has confirmed that the few devices that will roll in with Honeycomb running will have a fully functional version of Flash 10.2. The Xoom will, of course, be the premier device to showcase the firmware. Of course, this is only to mark the beginning of scores of tablets to be released with the OS and application support. 20 million smartphones have shipped with the latest Flash offering already and the reviews are quite heartening for Xoom aspirants.

Of course, the hyped up Motorola Xoom will ride its publicity and score a good $800 on price. There were reports that the Flash update would be coming by Spring, which stirred disapprovals from prospective buyers. The new report states only few weeks of waiting. High hopes.

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