Android Defender Platinum app is a fake, demands $100 ransom to free your device from it

by Gareth Mankoo

Symantec have their line of cures in the computer space and are known for their successful stints in the mobile market as well. However, based on a recent report from the company, a malicious application posing as a security app actually compromises smartphones. Called Android Defender Platinum, the app (not available on Google Play) scans devices and detects false malware effectively. To clean the same, the user is asked to pay a fee to rid their smartphone of the detected malware. Should the user pay, it’s all forgiven and healed. However, if the user decides not to pay then they can expect a bombardment of reminder notifications that eventually lead to the device crashing. The app then claims that the personal data of the user is being leaked and lock down the device till a fee of $100 is paid.

One way to escape infection is installing a valid security app such as Norton, Lookout, AVG, Avast or Kaspersky. Or simply avoid downloading applications from unknown sources. That’s why the setting is pre-set by default on all recent Android platforms.

[Via – Bgr]