Android 4.2 retains Jelly Bean Name, offers user accounts and more

by Gareth Mankoo

It shall be known as Android 4.2 Jelly Bean for decades to come and will commence being with the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10. Let’s see what users have in store for them with the new features that add to interactivity and convenience.

Multiple user accounts
What really needed to be done was the creation of individual user accounts for independent users. Android 4.2 allows just that with the ability to create unique user accounts for unique users. This means that Dad will not be deleting your individual game high scores when he uses the device and mom’s pink kitten-littered desktop styling will not sting your eyes.

Settings now in the notifications drawer
It’s true that the notifications tray or drawer as is called was more than just convenient. How about having something as convenient as settings options available just there. With Android 4.2 you can now toggle Wi-Fi, adjust brightness, switch to Airplan mode and do a lot more. A little tap on the right corner will ensure you’re command is received. TouchWiz and SenseUI users will already be familiar with such convenience.

360-degree panoramas with Photo Sphere?
Imagine a large image, stitched in all directions, to give you a better, bigger picture. With Photo Sphere you can do just that. Inspired by Street View, this amazing feature also allows you to share your image on Google+, with embedded XML metadata in them.

Google Now update
Google has updated the Google Now service with new cards. This enables users to feed data directly from Gmail. The application has cards for events, restaurant reservations, hotels and flights.

Gesture Typing for quicker input
With Swype tasting success, Google’s Gesture Typing will surely see more usage. Given the wide usage, the latter is a lot like the former and Android users would welcome this mode of text input or higher speeds and accuracy, thanks to intuitive text predictions from Google’s existing dictionary.

Wireless Screen sharing
Who wouldn’t like to show off their new capture on a bigger screen? Android 4.2 allows you to do just that, wirelessly. Simply connect a wireless display adapter to an HDMI-enabled TV and have DLNA work the transmission magic.

Lockscreen widgets
Who wouldn’t welcome widgets on your lock screen? This saves the trouble of unlocking your device each time you need to run a frequent feature.

Daydream Screensaver
Your phone doesn’t serve much purpose in idle mode so why not leverage that awesome battery for something better? You can now receive a cool Daydream slideshow of all your images to blow you away. You can also enable Google Currents news feeds to keep pouring in and juice the life out of your battery.

Other additions
These include pinch-to-zoom capabilities in Gmail, triple-tap to magnify your homescreen and pan and zoom using two fingers.

All said and done, these impressive improvements can serve you from November 13 when the new Nexus phone brigade rolls out into stores.