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And Five Years Later Inside The CPU Looks Filthy

by Dhiram Shah

Do you really want to know what happens if you don’t open your CPU for five years? Naturally its going to be covered in dust and grime, but there are chances that the fan can start to malfunction and ultimately lead to a hard disk crash or software errors due to heat. These pictures are a testimony to the fact that cleanliness is next to godliness. Due to the dust and grease, the fan can start making a “horrible grinding noise”, putting the monster under your bed to shame.

If you want to clean up your CPU from the inside then the folks at Techdo suggest that using compressed air is the best option and you need to be sure to “hold the can as close to vertical as possible to prevent liquid spray that could harm components.”

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  1. Theis

    What you are showing here is not a CPU, it’s a cabinet or computer case. The CPU is a chip on the Mother board, that’s the big piece of electronics to which everything else in the computer is connected.


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