Analyst claims that Galaxy Note 3 metal build was HTC’s PR playing the game

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s true that HTC build some of the sturdiest, most ergonomic phones. Of course, a lot of this goes to the firm metal build that they have employed over time. Word made rounds that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could well arrive in a similar build and as expected, it got all fans stirring. However, an analyst was quick to respond that the rumor may well be HTC’s PR plan. The HTC One series enjoyed good feedback from those who explored the tangible and ergonomic benefits of the metal body as opposed to the usual plastic one, which is lighter and more accepted among Samsung loyalists. The much acclaimed Eldar Murtazin whipped us back into our senses by claiming that the story was the work of HTC’s press department and not a confirmed report.

Given sales records, Samsung far supersedes HTC in sales no matter how many materials the latter uses. Why would they need to shed sweat and gain weight to match up to HTC was always a question.

[Via – Uswitch]

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